The lost community of Avalon Heights

If you've ever thought that Lansford Ave and Homewood Pl can feel isolated from the rest of our neighborhood, perhaps you've wondered if there are missing bridges over the creek or if this was a different neighborhood altogether. Sanborn Maps from 1927 clearly show that Edgefield Ave formed the western boundary of the first Elmwood Addition, so at least that's one clue. (Side note: Lansford Ave was originally named Lindsley Ave after Tennessee Dairies founder Lindsley Waters. It was likely changed in 1941 after annexation because another Lindsley Ave – after former mayor Henry D. Lindsley – already existed in East Dallas.) 

1927 Sanborn Map of Elmwood

1927 Sanborn Map of Elmwood

Sure enough, a Dallas Morning News advertisement from November 1930 shows the creation of a new addition named Avalon Heights. The boundaries are not explicitly described but directions indicate to drive "south on Hampton Road to the property, just west of Elmwood." One of the selling points in the ad was the promise of a new school on 8 acres of land that had been purchased by the Dallas Public School Board.

November 9, 1930 – The Dallas Morning News

November 9, 1930 – The Dallas Morning News

While 102 lots were sold in a successful first phase, the Great Depression did its thing and sales declined – cementing its fate as another victim of real estate cycles. Plans for the school advanced enough for parents of Winnetka (now W. E. Greiner) and Margaret B. Henderson to express their concerns. The final newspaper mention of Avalon Heights, as well as the proposed school, took place in 1938 under the headline "School Land Remains Vacant."

Avalon Heights remains in the legal description of many Elmwood homes today. An undated planning document appears to show a section being absorbed by our neighborhood as "Elmwood Addition No. 4."



Well Met at Tyler Station - So Glad You Came

I'd like to thank everyone who came out to our Ice Cream Social this last Thursday, August 17.  In spite of a hot and noisy venue there was an excellent turnout and many new faces.  For those who came, please be assured that I have already arranged a cooler space in Tyler Station for our next meeting.  There will also be an amplifier so everyone can easily hear.  I hope all of you return next month!

All the Best,
Susan Lee
President, Elmwood NA


Budget Town Hall Meetings - Make your voice heard!

These are the final three Town Hall meetings scheduled with Scott Griggs.  These are in conjunction with any other listed councilmembers.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017
6:00p Black Box Theatre at Hampton-Illinois Library 2951 S. Hampton Rd., Dallas, 75224 *With Councilmember Casey Thomas, II, District 3 & Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway, District 4 Thursday,

August 24, 2017
6:00p Martin Weiss Recreation Center 1111 Martindell Ave., Dallas, 75211 Monday, 

August 28, 2017
6:00p Dallas City Performance Hall 2520 Flora St., Dallas, 75201 *With Councilmember Philip Kingston, District 14
Please note that complimentary parking for this session in the Lexus Silvergarage will be available until 6:15 pm. The entrance to that garage is on Jack Evans Street. See the map below.

Town Hall Parking.png