$500,000 in lighting proposed for Elmwood

The 2017 municipal bond program is expected to be finalized by Wednesday, August 9. Until then, District 1 Council Member Scott Griggs is requesting community feedback on the list of projects included here, and high on the list of Priority 1 items is $500,000 in street lighting for our commercial district known as Downtown Elmwood. 

The Elmwood Neighborhood Association is doing preliminary work on a master plan and potential rezoning of Downtown Elmwood that includes design standards and infrastructure improvements, with lighting seen as a critical component for increased safety and walkability.  

As the bond amount is capped, Mr. Griggs will likely hear from constituents that would like to fund other projects instead, so it is imperative that he hears from Elmwood residents. Please email Scott Griggs today and tell him you fully support the lighting improvements proposed for Elmwood! 


ENA Crime&Safety partners with Kiest Park Community Group CrimeWatch

There is a new schedule and venue for the ENA Crime & Safety meetings. Because of the shortage of officers at DPD, Oak Cliff neighborhoods are working together to combine meetings. Fewer CrimeWatch meetings will help balance the meeting load over available DPD NPO officers who meet with CrimeWatch groups. The new ENA/KPCG CrimeWatch Meetings will be every first Thursday, 7:30p - 8:30p at Kiest Park Recreation Center, 3080 South Hampton Road, Dallas, TX 75204.   The meeting dates for 2017 are:

July 6
August 3
September 6
October 5
November 2
December 6


Elmwood Committee Lands Grant for Dog Park

Elmwood Committee Lands Grant for Dog Park

In the last year, many Elmwood neighbors have expressed an interest in resurrecting the Elmwoof pop-up events that began in 2013 and eventually building a permanent dog park. The location is a triangular island next to Margaret B. Henderson Elementary School at 2100 S. Edgefield Ave. Three years ago, Elmwood Neighborhood Association (ENA) received a $10,000 GrowSouth grant to build that dog park, then dubbed Elmwoof. The project unfortunately stalled when the City of Dallas discovered it does not own the Downtown Elmwood parcel. The grant period ran out before ownership was resolved, and the funds were forfeited.  

Recent interest led to a few neighbors stepping up to put Elmwoof back in play. Jeff Pearce agreed to chair the Elmwoof committee and started by hosting monthly popup events. Jorge Esteban joined him and researched the family owning the land for descendants. He not only found the right person, but the family has agreed to deed over the land to the City so ENA can build a dog park. The Elmwoof committee grew to include Ric Hoover and Susan Lee, then began working on a grant application to fund construction. At our last ENA meeting in April, architect and Elmwood neighbor Eric Gonzales joined the team with a vision for all four similarly shaped medians, which have been named the Elmwood Islands.

The team applied for an Old Oak Cliff Conservation League neighborhood grant, and just recently was awarded $5,745, 60% of the cost of basic construction for the fence and gates. Fundraising for the remaining 40% ($3,670) and other amenities will begin shortly and will be the primary ENA focus through October.  We plan to break ground in February 2018. Please watch for news on fundraising and sign up for updates at www.elmwoof.org.  

You can also expect to hear more soon about Downtown Elmwood. Thanks to the Elmwoof team!

The Old Oak Cliff Conservation League (OOCCL) is a non-profit 501(c)3 that functions as an umbrella organization for 30 neighborhood associations covering nearly 10,000 households within the Oak Cliff area of Dallas, Texas.

Elmwood Monarch Meadow

Elmwood Monarch Meadow

Members from the Elmwood Neighborhood Association came together to design, research and implement a recognized Monarch Waystation. The weather is beautiful this weekend, take a walk outside to visit this beautiful addition to the Elmwood Parkway. 

This site provides milkweeds, nectar sources, and shelter needed to sustain monarch butterlies as they migrate though North America. Elmwood now has an official Monarch Waystation, certified and registered by Monarch Watch.

Joy, lead on implemnting this program

Joy, lead on implemnting this program

     The front row is basically pinks / "Apricot Sunrise" in center.  Blues/ purples will 'swirl' from center back (Buddleia nanho blue butterfly bush) across to the sides connected by Blazing Starr/Gayfeather donated by a neighbor.  The sides at back are yellow Honeycomb Buddleia with yellow milkweed and Coreopsis in the center. 

    The front was expanded while working, allowing for more milkweeds interior, including Yellow& Orange types donated plus Antelope-horns (Asclepias asperula), Butterflyweed (Asclepias tuberosa), and Green Milkweed (Asclepias viridis).

     Numerous other plants were added from wildflower packets or annuals. Volunteers were happy to rescue and restore Earthworms at the site beginning before cultivation.

Crime & Safety Meeting - January 2017

Cyrus Cooper hosted Elmwood's first Crime & Safety Committee meeting of 2017 on 1/31. Thank you to those of you who took the time out of your busy schedules to attend this important meeting. We had an excellent turnout and a great meeting. We discussed recent issues concerning our neighborhood, crime trends, and burglary prevention strategies. We also discussed implementing the Dallas Police Department Expanded Neighborhood Patrol (ENP) program.

For more information, please see the attachment below.  

If you would like to be a part of the Dallas Police Department - Expanded Neighborhood Patrol (ENP) program to increase safety and security in our neighborhood, please fill out the form below.