State of the Real Estate market and more at last week's ENA meeting

Last week’s ENA meeting was packed with interesting information. Real Estate agents Adam Murphy and Claire St. Pierre gave a wonderful presentation on the state of our neighborhood real estate market, focusing on value trends, interest rates and why now may be a good time to sell or refinance. What impacts do location, style, staging and photography have on price and days on the market? You can read the entire presentation below.

Several other events are on the horizon, including a pop-up BYOB happy hour, park cleanup for It’s My Park Day and a community-wide garage sale. Stay tuned for more details!

Nextdoor Elmwood reaches 1,000 members

The social media platform Nextdoor has registered its 1,000th user in Elmwood. Since 2012 when it became available in Dallas, Nextdoor has been the place to report loose dogs and suspicious persons, post odd jobs and discuss code violations. While many have stopped using the platform out of “complaint fatigue” or frustration with racial profiling, with some even starting parody accounts, the ability to reach 1,000 people in our neighborhood is an unprecedented achievement from a public safety perspective.

1,000 people in Elmwood have registered with Nextdoor since 2012. 

1,000 people in Elmwood have registered with Nextdoor since 2012. 

It’s worth noting that these are not likely to be 1,000 active users but total users registered over a period of more than 5 years – with many having left the neighborhood but still registered. Nextdoor has the ability to create user profiles and has some safeguards against fraudulent accounts, but conversations there can feel somewhat anonymous due to the platform’s limitations. By comparison, the Elmwood Neighbors Facebook group has just under 300 members but exchanges there can feel much more personal.

What are your thoughts on Nextdoor and what it means for safety here in Elmwood? Does having access to so many neighbors, particularly via Urgent Alerts, make you feel more connected to other residents or does your message get diluted and lost as it competes with so many others? Let us know what you think.