Historical Photos | Downtown Elmwood

Downtown Elmwood

We scanned in some photos from Downtown Elmwood. You can click on the images to expand them and look at them in detail. Thank you to Susan Lee for locating and sharing these. If you have any tips or old photos of Elmwood you can share please contact here. Thanks for taking the time to look at these and for sharing the post.


UPDTAE: These photos are from the filming of the 1989 movie "Born on the Fourth of July" starring Tom Cruise. Margaret B. Henderson was used for Ron Kovic's high school and Edgefield Ave was transformed for two parade sequences. Faux storefronts for ice cream shops, jewelers and insurance agencies lined the movie set. A dome-shaped fictional restaurant named Boyer Burger was built next to Elmwood United Methodist Church and sadly was demolished afterwards. 

For more on the filming, including other locations used throughout Dallas, check out WFAA's North Texas Films Series: Born on the Fourth of July.