Crime & Safety Kickoff Meeting

Cyrus Cooper hosted a great first Crime & Safety Committee meeting on 12/13. Thank you to those of you who took the time out of your busy schedules to attend. We were joined by Sr. Corporal Brian Martinez - our Neighborhood Patrol Officer (NPO) and Sergeant Michael Lambert. We spent the majority of the meeting discussing recent issues concerning our neighborhood and mitigation strategies.

Key points of the meeting (Thank you for taking notes, Joyce):

1. Violent crime increases at Holiday times. Do NOT be a ‘hero.” Comply if you are getting robbed. Items can be replaced - you cannot be replaced. Get best description you can. Call 911.

2. Pay attention to your surroundings, vehicles, Individuals.

3. Be in couples or groups whenever possible.

4. Take! Hide! Lock! Even an empty bag can get your car broken into.

5. It is AGAINST the Law to Warm Your Car up when it is unoccupied. Car can jump into gear & move. Additionally, someone in our neighborhood had their car stolen while they were warming it up.

6. Turn on your PORCH Lights. Ask your Neighbors to do it, too!

7. NEVER remain silent when someone knocks on your door! Speak loudly! Call out to another person, even if no one is with you. Often, a robber will knock on the front door. If No Response, they go to the Back Door & Kick it in!

8. Also, a BIG sounding dog, TV or Radio on, can help prevent thieves from breaking into your home when you are not there.

9. Make sure to keep the serial number of important items in your house. For example, firearms were stolen from a residence but the owner did not have the serial numbers written down. Same goes for electronics. If your important items do not have serial numbers, write your Drivers License Number on the item, like "TX00123456". If the item is recovered, DPD can look it up and get it back to you.

10. The police will have a quicker response if you say "IN PROGRESS". If the crime is not "IN PROGRESS" and has already occurred, response time will decrease because DPD places a higher priority on crimes in progress.

We also discussed the Volunteers in Patrol (VIP) and Expanded Neighborhood Patrol (ENP) programs.

I have compiled a Google map that shows reported crimes from November 2016+. I will continue to update this map as I receive data from the DPD. You can access it here: