Add an Elmwood frame to your Facebook profile or video

You're probably familiar with Facebook profile frames, which allow you to show support for a cause, cheer on your favorite sports team or celebrate a moment in life by displaying a message or graphic over your profile picture. But did you know there's a special Elmwood profile frame available in our neighborhood? Next time you're home or visiting a friend here, show your love for Elmwood by following a few easy steps.

1. Go to and make sure to LIKE the Elmwoof Dog Park Facebook page

2. On your desktop or mobile device, go to your Facebook profile and click or tap on your profile picture.


3. From the menu, click or tap on "Add Frame" and you'll see the option to browse or search for available frames. Next to the search icon, type in "Elmwood" then click or tap on "Smile! You are in Elmwood."


4. Facebook will preview the frame over your current profile picture and allow you to make edits. Click or tap on "Use" on the top right of the screen and you're set!


If you're more into taking videos or broadcasting on Facebook Live, the frame is also available as a camera effect!

The frame was designed by resident Jorge Esteban and inspired by a 1924 newspaper advertisement for the original Elmwood Addition. Featuring cartoon drawings of a prospective homebuyer and an anthropomorphic globe of the Earth, the headline reads: DOES THE WORLD LOOK BLUE, OR DOES IT SMILE FOR YOU? Tying back to the cartoon the Frank G. Jester & Co. sales pitch ends with "when you get to Elmwood you'll find a lot of things that will make the world smile for you."


Add an Elmwood frame to your Facebook profile or video, share it in the comments and make the world smile for you! 

UPDATE: The frame is now available en español. Look for more bilingual materials in the coming months as we continue our outreach efforts to include all members of our diverse community.