Curb numbers spreading neighborhood pride

When the City of Dallas passed an ordinance in 2014 requiring solicitors to obtain a solicitor/handbills permit, the likely intent was to limit the amount of unwanted solicitation in areas that tend to be targeted by criminals. This certainly hasn't deterred the most aggressive ones from wandering our streets, often with a lengthy record. 

Elmwood residents Joe and Kathe Chou recently completed a home renovation and hired Steve Jimenez with Top Drawer Curbs from Fort Worth to paint their curb numbers with the vintage Elmwood logo used in our t-shirts and window decals. Neighbors loved the idea and began hiring the same company to paint their curb numbers, often personalizing the job with custom colors and typefaces.

You can now see the Elmwood logo painted on virtually every street in our neighborhood. The effect has been twofold: a fast-spreading way to show our Elmwood pride with the added benefit of deterring unsolicited painters.


If you want to show off your curb numbers or recommend a different painting business, feel free to do so in the comments!