Elmwood ties for 2nd place in LGBT poll

An informal survey conducted this month on the Facebook group "Gaybors of Oak Cliff" gives us an idea of which Oak Cliff neighborhoods attract the most LGBT residents, and perhaps surprisingly two of the top three are not in “North Oak Cliff” (when considering the southern border to be Clarendon Drive, which is perpetually up for debate). In fact, when looking at the top 10 responses, 47% live in North Oak Cliff versus 53%. 

Results of an informal poll conducted in January 2018.

Results of an informal poll conducted in January 2018.

Elmwood tied for 2nd place with Kessler Park, proving that we are literally everywhere: north, central and south. While the poll is clearly unscientific, it tells us a couple of things:

1. Kiestwood dominates regardless of the popularity of Kessler Park; LGBT residents love beautiful, large-lot historic homes and mature trees more than simply being adjacent to the perceived "most LGBT-friendly" neighborhood.

2. Elmwood is more densely populated than our neighbor Wynnewood North, but the strong showing is a bit surprising. The two neighborhoods clearly dominate the central portion of Oak Cliff.

It would be great to get a larger sample size and supplement this with additional data, especially home prices and the length of time these residents have lived in their neighborhoods, since there is a very important discussion to be had about the role of the LGBT community on gentrification. For now, let's use these findings and take pride in the fact that so many people want to live in this most fabulous part of Dallas. 

You can learn more about the demographics of Elmwood here.