This day in 1953

Dedication Ceremony for New Disabled American Veterans Chapter

On Friday, May 1, 1953, Oak Cliff Chapter 32 of the Disabled American Veterans opened its doors at 1408 Ferndale Ave. The 8pm dedication ceremony installed new officers and celebrated the completion of the 30'x50' building, which contains a meeting room, office, kitchen and dressing room. According to the Dallas Morning News, DAV members built the $10,000 structure themselves with donated supplies and volunteer labor. It was designed by Elmwood resident Roscoe Collier, one of the group's members and a double-amputee veteran of WWII who later went on to become commander of the chapter. Mr. Collier lived in 1803 Lansford and was a member of a Navy construction battalion when he lost both his legs on March 13, 1944. 

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The Disabled American Veterans is an organization that helps wounded military veterans and their families through various means. It was established shortly after WWI when returning veterans found little support from the government; however, today the nonprofit organization counts nearly 1.3 million members. To learn more about DAV's mission and support them with a donation, click here

DAV Chapter 32 at 1408 Ferndale Ave.

DAV Chapter 32 at 1408 Ferndale Ave.