Sunset Art Studios seeking placemaking ideas

For our recent quarterly ENA meeting on April 19, Rachel Rushing and Emily Riggert of Sunset Art Studios gave a fantastic presentation on the value of art to communities and the role that they play here in Elmwood as well as the greater Oak Cliff community. Explaining that their focus is on access to the arts within our own neighborhood, they pointed that art can be a way to advocate for change, educate, heighten the quality of life and celebrate a community.

Using principles by the Project for Public Spaces, Rachel and Emily spoke about what makes a great place, and how placemaking can be a way to activate parts of our neighborhood that we want to showcase in an artistic way. Examples of placemaking for Elmwood could be a colorful crosswalk, movable seating and lighting in a part of Downtown Elmwood or even public art that tells the history of our neighborhoodSo what do we want to celebrate or change about the quality of life here in Elmwood?

ENA and Sunset Art Studios would like to collect ideas from our neighbors of ways to activate neglected spaces, prioritizing ones that are light, quick & cheap in execution. Let's get the conversation started and brainstorm some ideas! Read Rachel and Emily's presentation below, then add your thoughts in the comments.

Placemaking in Elmwood by Sunset Art Studios on Scribd