Light Up Downtown Elmwood

For many years and perhaps decades, consensus around the neighborhood has been that the Elmwood commercial district lacks adequate lighting – an essential component for safety and walkability in an area where we want businesses like Grassroots Kitchen to thrive. Finally, thanks to Proposition A in the 2017 Dallas bond program approved by voters, residents can count on an investment of $500,000 for this purpose with a public works project simply called Elmwood Area Street Lighting.

While still in an early discovery phase, Elmwood residents were recently asked to survey the district, noting the ID numbers of all high street lighting poles in the downtown area, which of those poles have a light out, and which areas of downtown need more pedestrian lighting, seem dim or dark, or need to be treated for traffic control (crosswalks, etc.). This work was finished on Saturday, February 2nd with a group led by Balboa Place owner, Mr. Bob Stimson. The data collected was then added to a Google Map where proposed light fixtures can be prioritized, moved, added or deleted before presenting them to the city’s public works department.

Interested in learning more about this exciting project, including next steps? More information will be available at the February Elmwood Neighborhood Association meeting, time and location TBD.