DART seeks public input on wall removal

As we mentioned back in February, Tyler Station has been working with DART to remove a wall that separates the two properties and limits access to businesses there from transit customers. Built in the 1990s at the request of Dixico, the original property owner, the barrier is no longer compatible with a business that encourages visitors to walk, bike and travel by train. On March 7, DART shared its plans for the wall, including its four decorative tile murals by artist Leticia Huerta with area neighbors:

  • Tyler Station would like to save the tile murals while creating visual access and walkability to the DART platform.

  • There will be a phased approach to the wall removal; the first phase, to take place this summer, would widen the existing opening to 52 feet without affecting the existing mural locations.

  • A bench will be constructed on the site of the removed wall and an existing 3’ wide gated opening will allow access to the property.

As this involves a taxpayer-funded agency, your input is required. What do you think about the wall between Tyler Station and the platform? Would you be opposed to removing all or part of the wall? What do you think about the tile murals on the wall between Tyler Station and Tyler-Vernon DART Station? Is the art meaningful to you and would you like to save it? How well does the transit station serve its customers and the neighborhood, and would you like to see that continue or change in the future? Please leave your comments using the form below.

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I support preserving the art but widening openings as much as possible
I support complete removal of the wall, including the art
I support leaving the station as is without any changes


Read the entire DART presentation below: