Election results for Census Tract 63.02

Between May the Fourth and Cinco de Mayo it might be easy to forget that on Saturday, Dallas voters chose mayoral candidates Scott Griggs and Eric Johnson to face off in the June 8 runoff election. District 1 voters handed Chad West a majority of votes while DISD District 7 chose Ben Mackey to represent them.

In Elmwood, also charmingly known as Census Tract 63.02, voter turnout (16.73%) was higher than the county average (9.87%), but still low compared to other precincts. According to Dallas County election data, 375 ballots were cast in the neighborhood of 2,242 registered voters.

Here, Scott Griggs received the lion’s share of votes at 194 while Miguel Solis was the closest competitor with 60 votes. Ben Mackey bested Brent McDougal in the DISD District 7 race with 221 and 117 votes, respectively. And the City Council District 1 race was much closer, with 177 people voting for Chad West and 134 voting for Giovanni Valderas. Click or tap on the images below for a closer look:

If you were one of the 375 voters who participated in electing our new local government representatives, give yourself a round of applause!