Rezoning & complete streets: Elmwood edition

Downtown Rezoning Update

Bob Stimson and the Downtown Elmwood rezoning committee have completed an early draft of zoning guidelines that will govern development of our commercial district for the foreseeable future. The most noticeable change will be to prohibit future car-related businesses from opening (current ones are grandfathered and will continue to be allowed) in an effort to encourage other uses that complement the street lighting project such as restaurants, community gardens and more. You can read the draft here.

Complete Streets Proposal

New D1 Councilmember Chad West has hit the ground running on efforts to put Edgefield Ave – from Ferndale to Melbourne – on a road diet. Combined with the separate pedestrian lighting project that should be underway soon, this would help transform the business district by adding planters, bump-outs, crosswalks, pocket plazas and more in order to bring a little of Massapequa, Long Island to Oak Cliff. The proposal below is not funded, but Mr. West may be able to secure the funds for a portion of this plan in the near future.

You can read more about complete streets, including the City of Dallas guidelines for such, here.