Downtown Elmwood

BeautiControl had roots in Elmwood

BeautiControl had roots in Elmwood

Just after New Year's Day this year, Waxahachie resident Larry Burns shared the following story about Dallas-based BeautiControl Inc. on the Facebook group Dallas History Guild. We were surprised to learn that one of our own buildings played a role in the early development of this iconic company, which was purchased by Tupperware Corp. in 2000 and by Youngevity International in 2017.

Honoring Our Lady of Guadalupe

This weekend 'Matachines' Dancers from El Buen Pastor Catholic Church, honored Our Lady of Guadalupe in Downtown Elmwood. 

Los matachines denotes a traditional religious dance and the dancers, musicians, and elders who participate in it. Its roots go back to a type of widespread medieval sword dance called a morisca. The Spanish brought the ritual with them to the New World, where over time it incorporated Mexican, Indian, and American religious and social symbols.* 

*Texas State Historical Association,