Crime Watch

Crime Watch Committee

The crime watch voicemail phone number is 469-269-2664. Each Tuesday the message is updated with the latest crime statistics for the Elmwood area, received directly from the Dallas Police Department. The recorded message includes criminal activity for the week, neighborhood information that could affect us, safety tips, urgent bulletins and other information from the Dallas Police Department

The voicemail system is user friendly and can be accessed at any time.

“Crime Alert” signs are posted throughout the neighborhood. If there is sufficient reason, call the hotline whenever you see the signs.

How you can help: The Crime Watch Committee needs volunteers to post more Crime Alert signs. More strategic locations to post the signs are also needed, preferably corner lots on the main streets leading into our area. In other words, we need residents to “adopt” a sign and display it as needed.

Working together, we can keep crime to a minimum and make our area an even safer place to live.



The Elmwood Crime Watch Committee offers the following tips for keeping safe around your home:

  • Leave a radio on low volume when you are away from home, so that it sounds like someone is there.
  • Leave lights on in one or more rooms when you are away at night. If you are away for an extended period, use a timer that will turn lights on and off based on your normal routine.
  • Keep the outside of your house well lit at night. Use light sensors so that porch lights turn on automatically when it gets dark. Install motion detector floodlights will turn on if someone enters your yard or approaches you home
  • If you are alone and discover that someone is prowling around your home, pretend you are with someone and call out to them. Turn on outside lights and dial 911.
  • Keep doors and windows closed and locked. Use deadbolt locks on exterior doors.
  • Always close and lock your garage door. If you have an automatic garage door opener, keep it secured in the glove box of your car.
  • Never divulge personal information to a stranger over the telephone.
  • Babysitters should never tell anyone who calls that they are alone with your children.
  • Keep your landscape maintained and hedges trimmed low next to your home so no one can hide around your house. Consider using thorny plants such as holly around windows. Remember, a well maintained yard indicates a home is occupied.
  • Consider getting a security system for your home.
  • If you are in your home and someone breaks in, get out as quickly and safely as possible or put as many doors (especially with locks) as possible between you and the intruder and call 911.