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Elevating Elmwood, the Bishop Arts for locals

The esoteric neighborhood poised to become the locals-only Bishop Arts. The year Elmwood began to take shape, building in Dallas was at an all-time high. Frank Jester took a risk in 1925 when he began developing a former dairy, Tennessee Farm, just south of what was then considered the southern border of Oak Cliff.


Connecting the Dots for Small Entrepreneurs

You may already know that Elmwood is a lovely and already great community in Oak Cliff, an area defined roughly by the DART Red Line, Polk, Illinois and Hampton. It may not have gotten the kind of love heaped on Bishop Arts and points north, but it’s way more affordable.


5 up-and-coming Dallas neighborhoods to
buy a house right now

Basically, if Joanna and Chip Gaines came to Dallas to do renovations, they would be licking their chops. Elmwood Park runs along a picturesque creek and is a great getaway from the hustle and bustle of downtown life despite being less than 10 miles away.


North Texas films: 'Born on the Fourth of July'

WFAA revisits some of the filming locations from the award-winning 1989 film starring Tom Cruise, including Edgefield Ave in Downtown Elmwood and Margaret B. Henderson Elementary.