We exist to better the the community around us.
We seek to cherish the historic neighborhood, inspire neighbors, and preserve the nature surrounding our greenbelt.

Our Mission

In order to preserve the rich heritage of Elmwood and to maintain a high quality of life, the Elmwood Neighborhood Association was formed in 2000, replacing the long-standing Greater Elmwood Neighborhood Association and the Elmwood Crime Watch program that were formed in 1982. The Elmwood Neighborhood Association exists to meet a variety of needs for this diverse community. Among the association’s activities are neighborhood advocacy, community involvement, education and collaboration with the neighborhoods of Oak Cliff.

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OUR Goals

We are guided by these principles; it is our main goal to accomplish the following:

  • Beautification and conservation of Elmwood Park, including tree planting and a yearly creek clean-up.

  • Preservation of neighborhood features and architecture.

  • Cooperation with the city on issues of neighborhood planning, improvements, code enforcement and other services.

  • Participation in Heritage Oak Cliff (formerly Old Oak Cliff Conservation League), an umbrella group of Oak Cliff neighborhoods that is dedicated to preserving this historic part of Dallas.

  • Publication of a neighborhood newsletter and/or maintaining a neighborhood website.

  • Management of monthly or quarterly meetings.

  • Participation in community events such as the National Neighborhood Night Out and the Fall Fest neighborhood party.

  • Support of the neighborhood Crime Watch and crime deterrent activities.